I offer photo retouching services, which are perfect for improving your favourite professional and personal photographs. I can remove minor blemishes, lighten and brighten, and other image editing whilst keeping
true to the spirit of the original.

Here are some examples:
Aqualight underwater shoot
Original (left); Cross eye corrected (centre); Lightened and brightened (right)

Christmas postcard elf
Original (left); Retouched image with a text banner postcard design (right) 
Retouching services:
  • Remove spots and blemishes
  • Lighten and brighten
  • Red eye removal
  • Cross eye correction
  • Blink correction
    (additional images
    to be supplied)
  • Combine images
    (great for twins or triplets)
  • Black and white
  • Postcard design with
    your message


  • £10 for simple retouching
  • £15+ for more advanced retouching
  • £35+ for a postcard design
Postcard designs